Three Alternative Uses For Hot Tubs That You May Never Have Occurred To You

Posted on: 10 February 2016

When most people think of hot tubs, they think of round pools of hot, bubbling water and steam in which they can relax and alleviate their sore muscles. While pool contractors tout the many health benefits of hot tubs and reasons why you should buy one, even they might not be aware of some of the alternative uses for these luxury items. In case you need more of a push to buy that hot tub you've been thinking about, consider that you can also use your hot tub for the following things:

Saving Frozen Creatures

Hot tubs slowly and steadily increase body temperature in such a way that you become more resilient to the sensation of cold when you step out of the tub. Taking this fact into account, a farmer recently made national news with his photo of his life-saving decision to place a frozen calf into his hot tub. The calf was born on a frigid day and had nearly frozen to death when the farmer discovered it. The hot tub slowly brought the calf's body temperature back up to normal and the farmer was able to revive and save the calf. Taking this into account, any time you are half frozen or find someone or something else that is on the verge of hypothermia and you are stuck outside and cannot get indoors, a hot tub might be your best bet. 

Calming Kids With Autism

Kids with autism are often tactile-defensive, meaning that most textiles and textures irritate them or make them uncomfortable. However, being in water seems to be very soothing and calming for them. If you have a child with autism and he or she has frequent meltdowns, it may be quite therapeutic and calming for him or her to spend some time in a hot tub. Just be sure to start the water on lukewarm and then gradually increase the temperature because some kids with autism are also sensitive to changes in temperature. (If you buy a hot tub with temperature control settings, you can preset the temperature at the lowest setting and then increase it as you need to until you find the right temperature to soothe your child.)

Degreasing Greasy Things

Many kinds of grease become liquefied when they are heated. Dipping greasy pans, for example, in hot water causes the grease to turn back into a free-flowing liquid that runs off of the pan. If you have something much larger, like an automotive engine or engine component that you want degreased, you can use your hot tub at its highest setting to quickly and easily remove the grease. Just be sure to clear all of the hot tub water out of the parts before you reuse them. Also be sure to replace the water in the hot tub after a thorough cleaning.

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