Three Pool Care Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: 11 May 2017

Owning a pool can bring you and your family a lot of enjoyment, but it also entails responsibility. You want to protect your investment by providing proper care for the swimming pool so the water is clear and the liner remains undamaged. The following are some care mistakes that you want to avoid, since they are likely to cause damage or result in more work to fix them.

#1: Not maintaining a regular testing and treatment schedule

It can be too easy to overlook testing when the water looks clear, but it can quickly turn cloudy or even green within a few hours if the pH, calcium, or chlorine levels are off. When this occurs, you have to quickly try to bring the water back into balance, which can then render it unsafe to swim in for several hours or even days. Get in the habit of daily pool tests and chemical adjustments. Early in the morning and at night are the best times since you generally want to stay out of the water for several hours after adjusting the chemical balance in the pool. By performing a daily check, only small adjustments need to be made to avoid major problems.

#2: Allowing evaporation to take over

Water will evaporate out of your pool, although some will be replaced by natural rainfall. Treat the skimmer pump as your guide for when to add water to the pool. You don't want levels to drop so low that the pump is not sitting at the requisite depth, since this can burn it out. Add water when the level drops to this predetermined level. Much like adjusting the chemical balance, you don't want to top it off right before using the pool. Adjust the level in the evening and then test and add chemicals as necessary in the morning several hours before using the pool.

#3: Skipping algae maintenance

Algae only becomes a problem if you allow it to take hold in your pool. Although chlorine treatments go a long way toward curbing algae, sometimes the green monster still gets a toehold in your pool. One of the best ways to avoid it is to clean your pool thoroughly each week. Use a pool brush to brush the sides of the pool. This removes any algae growth as well as the grime that collects. Also, use a pool cover when the pool isn't in use – algae can't grow on water that isn't exposed to sunlight. Finally, keep your pump filters clean and running, at least during daylight hours, so any algae is quickly removed.

For more help with maintaining your pool, contact one of the pool services in your area or check out sites like


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