How To Install A Swimming Pool

Posted on: 6 June 2017

Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to any backyard. Enjoying the hot weather months all summer long with the kids, family and friends, entertaining, grilling out and swimming can be a lot of fun. If you don't have a pool, but are considering one, you can install one yourself if you're handy, and have a lot of helpful hands. See below for instructions on how to install a swimming pool.

Level The Ground

First, you need to level the ground where the pool will be placed. After deciding where you want to install it in your yard, have the proper permitting, and have had the ground marked (so as to not dig up buried wires or gas lines). Leveling the ground may entail some digging. So, if you have to dig down fairly deep (as in you have a yard that is sloped), you may want to think about using a piece of heavy equipment such as a Bobcat to help you with this project. Also, renting a transit will help make your life just a little easier so you know where you are and how far down you need to dig. Your pool has to sit on level, hard earth, so spreading around sand will not help you. Once the ground is level, you can move forward.

Set Blocks

After the ground is level, you'll want to use patio blocks for the uprights to sit on. Look for 12x12 patio blocks at your local landscaping store to use. These blocks help keep the uprights in place. Read the manufacturer's directions that came with your pool for patio block spacing, as each pool size will have different spacing.

Lay The Tracks

Next, lay out the tracks and begin forming them into the shape of your pool (whether you have an oval or round pool), then lay out the uprights as well. Once you have the tracks in the proper shape, begin connecting the uprights and the tracks together. You'll need to take measurements to be sure you are perfectly round (or oval). 

Install The Wall

This is the tricky part that may require some helpful hands. Place the wall roll onto a piece of plywood, then have one person unroll, while a couple of other align the walls into the tracks. This has to be done carefully, as you don't want to damage the walls by bending or creasing them. Once you have the walls all the way around the pool, connect them together and install the filter inside the wall.

Add Sand

Sand should be added to the floor of your pool before installing the liner. The sand helps give cushion between the floor and the liner. The amount of sand depends on the size of your pool. Tamp the sand down so as to not leave footprints or dips that the liner can sink into.

Install The Liner

The liner will require a few helping hands as well. You need to unroll the liner to find the center, then gently pull the liner up and over the walls of the pool, leaving enough room for the water to fill the liner without tearing it. Begin filling it with water immediately to prevent it from drying out in the sun, as it can shrink quickly. Have one or two people inside the pool spreading the liner with their feet to prevent creases, while the other hands can be installing the upper tracks and the railings/caps to hold the liner firmly in place.

Installing a pool yourself (and with friends) can be done, but it is quite a big job. Leave it to the professionals if possible to prevent damaging your brand new pool.


Making Pool Decisions Easier for You

My son started begging me for a pool when he turned five. I soon broke down and started exploring the best option for an inground pool that would fit in my yard. I contacted a contractor and the professional provided me with fiberglass, cement, and vinyl options to choose from. My size and shape options were endless and I also needed to figure out if I wanted salt sanitation or a chlorine system with a filter. I also found out that I needed to meet city guidelines in regard to placement, and my home insurance would probably go up due to the installation. A fence was required as well. My head was spinning after talking to the professional. I had a lot of decisions to make and you do too if you want a pool. Start with the information on my blog to make sure these decisions are easy ones.

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