Oh No, Where Did The Clean Water Go? Repairs For Midsummer Failures And Other Pool Nightmares

Posted on: 28 June 2017

It is the hottest day of summer so far, and your pool quickly changes color or the water level suddenly begins to drop substantially. You have been doing all the maintenance, adding chemicals and checking the PH balance. Now, your pool-side fantasy of a relaxing oasis has become a watery nightmare; what are you going to do? Here are some tips for common midsummer pool repair and maintenance tips to keep your dream of an outdoor oasis alive until summer ends:

1. Filtration Failures and Mysterious Cloudy Water Issues

Modern filtration systems used in pools are complicated mechanical systems. Some systems dispense chemicals as the water travels through the system. The filter medium itself can range from salt to sand and DE. When a component of the pool equipment fails, water quality can quickly drop and the pool may become cloudy.

2. The Water That Seems to Evaporate into Thin Air, But Is a Leak

As the heat rises, and you are laying sun by the pool, the sun is also soaking up the water. The process of evaporation is normal during the summer months, but you want to worry when it seems to be happening faster than normal. The loss of water may not be evaporation at all, but rather, a leak. A reputable pool repair service will be able to find the leak and do underwater repairs, so you do not have to drain your pool.

3. Unsightly, Cracking, Tearing and Damage Pool Surfaces That Will Eventually Lead to Leaks

The problems of cracking surfaces happen in many types of pools, and will eventually lead to leaks. Pools with vinyl liners may also have cosmetic damage or tears that cause leaks. While, these problems do not always mean there is a leak, you will want to have repairs done to ensure that the problems do not get worse. For small damage, under water repairs can be done to avoid disruption to your pool use. If there are major cracks, partially draining your pool may be enough to get the repairs done. Many small cracks can be temporarily repaired to use your pool for the rest of summer, but you may want to talk with the contractor about more permanent solutions after the pool is closed.

Your pool fantasies will stay alive with the right repairs. Contact a pool liner replacement service to replace the liner of your pool and continue enjoying the rest of the summer swimming and soaking up the sun.  


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