Winterize Your Above Ground Pool And Store Pool Equipment In A Shed

Posted on: 10 August 2017

If you had an above ground pool installed on your property at the beginning of the summer and now that the warm weather will be replaced with cooler weather in the near future, winterizing the pool and storing pool equipment in a shed may be of interest to you. Complete the following steps to complete the task at hand:


  • skimmer
  • drain tube
  • stepladder
  • bucket of soapy water
  • deck brush
  • water hose
  • pool cover
  • sponges
  • cloths
  • waterproof cases
  • mesh bag
  • cart
  • tarp
  • shelves

Drain And Clean The Pool

While standing on the deck that surrounds the pool, use a skimmer to collect leaves, sticks, or any other pieces of debris that are floating on the water's surface. Climb down the deck's ladder and locate the section of the pool that needs to be opened while draining water.

Secure a drain tube to the drain hole's opening and point the end of the tube toward an empty part of your yard that usually drains rather quickly. Set up a stepladder in the bottom of the pool and climb down the ladder. Use soapy water and a deck brush to clean the pool's interior. Use a water hose to spray water on the interior sides and base of the pool. Wait for the pool's interior to dry.

Cover The Pool And Place Equipment In A Shed

Ask a friend or a member of your family to help you cover the pool. Each person needs to stand on opposite sides of the pool while gripping onto the edge of the cover. After the cover is draped over the pool, fasten the edges of the cover. 

Use a damp sponge to wipe off pool equipment, including balls, flotation devices, and patio furniture. Dry items with a cloth. Remove air from flotation devices and fold the devices before storing them inside of waterproof storage cases that have lids. Place balls inside of a mesh bag before moving the items into the shed.

Fold chairs and tables and load the furniture onto a cart. Push the cart into the storage shed and unload the furniture piece by piece. Cover the furniture with a tarp. If you have several products that are used to treat pool water, place the items on a shelf inside of the shed. Products that contain harmful ingredients or that should not be stored inside of a room that is exposed to high temperatures can be brought into your home's basement and placed on a shelving unit.

Contact a pool winterizing service for more information and assistance. 


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