Tips For Getting Your Pool Prepared For Winter

Posted on: 28 December 2017

Owning a pool can be great for the summer months, but you will need to prepare it for those colder winter months as well. If you ignore the proper winter preparation, it could lead to an expensive repair when the weather gets warmer again next year. Here are some tips that will help prepare your pool for all the upcoming cold winter.

Pool Cleaning

One thing you'll need to do is give your pool a very thorough cleaning. You need to step it up a notch, doing a better job than you do throughout the summer months. Remove all of the pool accessories currently in the water, like ladders, vacuums, and toys. Then use your skimmer for removing every small piece of debris you can find.

Balance pH Levels

The chemicals you put in the water are what kill off the bacteria inside it. Setting proper pH levels will be the key to keeping the pool water clean throughout the long winter. You'll want the pH levels to fall anywhere between 7.2 - 7.6 throughout the entire season, which means making small adjustments to the water's pH levels every once in awhile. Be prepared to check your pool's pH levels from time to time to make sure they are not too low or too high.

Fix Damage

Chances are that the pool saw some wear and tear this past summer. You'll want to repair damaged parts to make sure that they are fixed before the winter. For instance, inspect the filter to make sure it is not leaking and does not have debris in it. The pool's surface should not have any cracks in it, either. It is ideal to have a company like PoolAgain make necessary repairs before the winter because you are able to drain all the pool water to do them.

Install a Cover or Netting

Netting material placed over the pool will help prevent debris from getting into the water. However, it won't prevent rain and snow from getting into the water. Consider investing in a cover that will completely block off the top of the swimming pool and prevent anything from getting into the water.

If you decide to only use netting, you'll need to remove a few feet of water from the pool. This is because snow and rain will add to the water levels, and you do not want the pool overflowing as a result.

Speak to a pool contractor about more ways to prepare your pool for the winter.


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