Get Your Yards Ready For Next Spring And Summer

Posted on: 12 September 2018

Have you decided that these cooler months are the perfect time to get your yards ready for next spring and summer? If so, from making an assessment of both the front and backyard areas to arranging for swimming pool repair, here are some ideas that might help you. 

The Front Yard - Are you happy with the way your front yard looked during spring and summer of 2018? If so, think of taking pictures of exactly what you did to achieve the beautiful landscaping you did so that you can repeat it next year. As you make an assessment of the front yard area, consider things you would like to change. For example, you might use the cooler months to install a flagstone pathway leading up to your front door, adding interest to the yard.

Perhaps, you have been thinking of doing a hardscape as part of the design of your front yard. If so, think about the things you will need to purchase ahead of time to make that happen next spring. For instance, if you have decided to have large pots and large rocks as part of the hardscape, consider buying them during the winter months so they'll be on hand when you want to do the hardscape.

The Backyard - Think of things you can do during the fall and winter months so that your backyard will be ready for entertaining and just for overall family fun. For example, do you need to repair or buy new patio furniture? Are you lucky enough to have your own swimming pool in the backyard? If so, you might have decided that it needs to be spruced up. During the summer, you might have noticed that the pool has small cracks that could become a problem down the road. Or, the pool might have missing tiles that detract from the appearance of the pool.

Consider making arrangements for swimming pool repair. By calling on professionals, you can be assured that people who have been trained and who have experience in swimming pool repair will be able to make your pool look like new. Keep in mind that it may be necessary to drain your pool in order to complete the repairs. The swimming pool repair company that does the repairs will take care of emptying the water and will then fill the pool back up for you, adding chemicals that are needed to keep the pool clean until you are ready to use it again in 2019.


Making Pool Decisions Easier for You

My son started begging me for a pool when he turned five. I soon broke down and started exploring the best option for an inground pool that would fit in my yard. I contacted a contractor and the professional provided me with fiberglass, cement, and vinyl options to choose from. My size and shape options were endless and I also needed to figure out if I wanted salt sanitation or a chlorine system with a filter. I also found out that I needed to meet city guidelines in regard to placement, and my home insurance would probably go up due to the installation. A fence was required as well. My head was spinning after talking to the professional. I had a lot of decisions to make and you do too if you want a pool. Start with the information on my blog to make sure these decisions are easy ones.


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