4 Natural Pool Design Tips For Summer To Prevent The Worst Water Quality Problems

Posted on: 5 June 2019

Whether the water in your pool gets cloudy or you have a problem with extreme algae blooms, you want to prevent these issues. Good pool designs and regular maintenance during hot summer weather will help prevent some of the most serious water quality problems so you can swim all summer. The following natural pool design tips will help prevent water quality problems in your pool this swimming season.

1. Keep the Water on the Surface Flowing Towards Pond Skimmers

One of the most important features of natural pools to prevent problems with water quality is to keep the surface circulating. You want to make sure that the inlets are well-placed and keep the water on the surface moving towards your skimmers. This helps to prevent debris from collecting on the surface and insects from laying larvae in the water, which can cause serious issues with water quality.

2. Make Sure Filtration Areas Have Well-Balanced Designs to Keep Pool Water Clean

The design of your filtration area is one of the most important components of a natural pool design. This area should have a well-balanced design that includes filtration medium, plants, and fish, which together help to filter the water and keep the pH balanced. These features can be integrated into other areas of your landscaping design to make them less noticeable and easier to maintain.

3. Design Your Pool Area to Keep Any Debris Out of the Water to Prevent Problems

The design of your pool area is also important to keep the water clean. You want to make sure that any plants around the pool area are a safe distance from the pool to prevent debris from falling in the water. In addition, have the watershed designed to drain towards the filtration area to help keep the water clean and filter any runoff before it goes into the pool.

4. Keep Swimming Areas and the Filtration Systems Separated for Optimal Water Quality

One of the problems that natural pools often have is the swimming area and filtration system being together. If you want to keep the water in your pool clean, it is a better idea to keep these areas separate. The separated areas will also help give your natural pool more of a conventional design and appearance, instead of looking more like a pond.

These are some tips to help prevent some of the most serious water quality problems in your pool this summer. If you need help with designing a natural pool that is clean this summer, contact a pool contractor and talk to them about these solutions for the design of your natural pool. 


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