Pool Maintenance Services For Your Closing And Winter Care

Posted on: 26 August 2020

The pool maintenance does not end with summer and closing—there is still more to do throughout the cold winter. Therefore, you should get started with a good maintenance plan when you close your pool and maintain it throughout winter to have fewer problems this spring. The following pool maintenance services will help you with your closing and upkeep throughout winter:

Check chlorine and pH balance before closing

If you just put a cover over your pool without checking the water quality, it can become a green slime over winter. Therefore, before closing—you should check the chlorine level and pH balance before you do any of the closing maintenance. You may want to shock the pool with a chlorine treatment, and then, check the pH balance a few days later. Make sure that the water has a good pH balance to reduce problems with algae growth when the equipment is turned off during winter weather.

Thoroughly clean your pool and remove debris

You should also thoroughly clean your pool and remove debris. Start by backwashing the filter and cleaning the skimmers. Also, make sure to vacuum any debris from the bottom of the pool. Removing the debris from the pool will help prevent problems with water quality and algae starting to grow before you open it next spring.

Remove extra features and pool accessories for safe storage

There may be extra features like fountains and waterfalls that need to be removed before closing. In addition, you want to remove accessories like diving boards and slides. Store this pool equipment in a safe place for winter—along with any poolside furniture that you make have around your pool. Storing the accessories will help prevent damage during the winter months.

Partially drain your pool and weatherize all pool equipment

The winter months are a time of year when temperatures dipping down below the freezing point can damage plumbing and pool equipment. Therefore, it is a good idea to partially drain your pool. This will keep water levels below the skimmers, inlets, and outlets where freezing can cause damage. Use a compressor to remove water from pool plumbing and plug outlets and drains to keep them dry during the winter months.

Cover your pool with a specially designed safety cover for winter

The pool can be a dangerous place during the winter months. It needs to be covered when it is closed to avoid these hazards. Therefore, you want to make sure that your pool has the appropriate safety cover installed. Make sure that the pool is covered and that the safety cover is secured correctly to protect against hazards and damage after closing.

Occasionally check the water, clean the cover, and add winter water treatments

During the winter months—you should do regular maintenance like cleaning the cover. Use a leaf blower to clean the cover and remove standing water. Occasionally, you will also want to check the pH balance of the water and add a special winter treatment to care for your pool during the months it is closed.

These are the things you need to do for closing your pool and maintaining it throughout the cold winter. Contact a pool maintenance service for help with closing and winter maintenance to ensure you do not have problems at the opening next spring.


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