The Pool Cleaning Guide To Deal With Dirty Water And Equipment Problems This Spring

Posted on: 22 February 2021

If you are getting ready to remove your pool's cover, it may be time to start cleaning the water. The problem is that there may also be issues with equipment damage and other problems that make maintenance difficult. Therefore, you may need help with the pool's initial cleaning and repairs to get ready for summer. The following information will help you deal with the water problems before opening your pool.

Cleaning Up Around the Pool Deck — The first thing that you are going to need to do is clean up around the pool. This should start by removing any debris from the pool deck area and cover. Once the area around the pool is clean, you will be ready to remove the cover to begin the cleaning process. You can remove the cover on your own with a little help, or you may want to have the pool service remove it when they are doing maintenance and repairs.

Fishing Out Large Debris in the Water — You will also want to remove the heavy debris from the water if you want to get a head start on cleaning your pool. You can use a fishing net to remove anything that has fallen in the water and large clumps of algae. A pool cleaning service can also help you remove the majority of the heavy debris in the water.

Inspecting and Testing Pool Equipment — The plumbing and pool equipment can also be some of the causes of problems with water quality. Thus, it is important to have these things inspected before you start using your pool this summer. You want to have the systems inspected for leaks and other issues that need to be repaired. You also want to check all the safety covers to ensure they are in good shape.

Shocking and Treating the Water — The water also needs to be shocked while the cleaning is being done. The chlorine shock treatment needs to be added to your pool when the filtration equipment is turned on. This will help clear up the water and kill off algae blooms or other organisms. As the water is being filtered, it needs to be tested to ensure the levels of chlorine are good. Once the pool has had time for the chlorine to dissipate, it needs to be tested for the PH balance, too, before using it.

The problems with pool equipment can cause your pool to get dirty quickly. Therefore, you may want to call a pool cleaning service to help to prepare your pool for the summer weather that will be here soon.


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