What To Do If Your Pool Water Isn't Circulating Properly

Posted on: 23 February 2021

When your swimming pool isn't circulating water, your pool water can not mix up enough, so you end up with dirt settling on the bottom of the pool. This can lead to algae growth or stains on your pool floor. If you don't have proper water circulation, you need to make some adjustments in order to get it circulating properly. Read on for helpful tips.

Adjust The Eyeball

The eyeball on the water return should be adjusted to circulate the water properly. If you have to move it around to get more circulation, do so. If your eyeball return just isn't cutting it, you can use a PVC elbow to circulate the water. Screw in the elbow to the water return and move it around to circulate the water further. Don't make the PVC elbow too long, as it may cause too much water pressure in one area. 

Add More Water

If you don't have a lot of water circulation, part of the problem may be because there isn't enough water in your pool. Add more water to your swimming pool so more water can circulate in the pump/filter and then out of the water return. The water level should be halfway up the skimmer opening. Add water as needed to prevent blowing up your pump and filter, in addition to ensuring proper water circulation.

Get The Air Out Of Your Pump

If you have too much air in your pump, the water won't circulate properly, as there won't be enough water getting into the pump, and your pump and filter may be working twice as hard to work properly. Be sure there aren't any air bubbles in your pump. To get rid of the air, lift the lid until the water is overflowing, then shut the lid and tightly screw it back on.

Empty The Skimmer Basket

If the skimmer basket is full, the water won't be circulating to the pump and filter and won't go out of the water return. Empty the skimmer basket every couple of days to allow for proper water flow to the pump and filter. The skimmer basket can get full of bugs and other debris, so empty the basket often.

If you don't have a lot of water circulation, you may end up with a dirty pool and possibly damage to your pool liner. Ensure you have proper circulation by using the tips above. Call a professional swimming pool repair company for help if you are experiencing issues with your swimming pool that you can't repair on your own.


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