Get Your Spa Ready for a Home Sale

Posted on: 4 August 2021

It is the dream of many home buyers to own a home that includes a spa. However, it is equally important to note that owning a home with these additions does come with greater expenses, so you can all but guarantee that buyers interested in these homes will exercise a great deal of scrutiny. As the home seller, you can help the process move along faster by ensuring your spa is in good condition and ready for the home sale.

Clean the Area

It does not matter how well your spa operates, or even how new it is, if it looks bad, it will leave a negative impression on any buyer. You can do yourself a huge favor by hiring a spa professional to thoroughly clean the area. From removing any old stains along the wall of the spa to removing hard water and mineral buildup, a professional cleaning gives the area a refreshing new look.

Inspect Equipment

You also need to have someone inspect the condition of your equipment. A faulty water heater, a damaged spa cover, or a poorly functioning filter are all equipment issues that some buyers can detect, and as a result, cause them to look elsewhere. A professional inspection can highlight any equipment issues that you need to address. You can then make the repairs or factor them into the asking price of the home.

Assess Electrical Systems

It is essential that you also have the electrical systems assessed. If you have a professional inspection performed, the technician will generally perform this step as well. Many home buyers hire a third-party inspector to examine the property before they close. If there are any electrical issues with the spa, such as worn protective wire covering, it will be noted and passed onto the buyer as a liability.

Organize a Maintenance History

To make the process easier, you should also consider organizing all the maintenance records you have for the spa, both past and present. Should there be an issue with the buyers' inspection or a question from the buyer, when you have a record to refer to it is easier to address concerns. Keep in mind, if you have used the same service company, they may have a maintenance record already.

If you have plans to put your home on the market but have concerns about the condition of your spa, contact a spa service professional as soon as possible.


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