Pool Contractors: 4 Ways To Detect Swimming Pool Leaks

Posted on: 13 January 2022

Swimming pools are known for being large, beautiful expanses of water. Cleaning chemicals can be expensive as well as the pumps and filters needed to keep the pool water in good condition. Knowing what to look out for when it comes to a swimming pool leak can save you time and money. Here are four ways that you can detect leaks in your own pool:

Visual Detection

Check over the entire pool carefully, noting any areas where the surface seems to be uneven or has changed in any way. This is the most basic method of determining whether or not there is a leak in the pool itself. However, if you don't notice any visual damage on the pool's surface, there is no need to worry; try a different method as the leak might be inside the swimming pool.

Visual Detection with Water Test Strips

This method is just as simple as checking manually for signs of water loss. Nonetheless, this method inculcates the use of a special "dip strip" chemical tests that will change color if the pool water has been damaged. Different strip products work with varying types of water. Be sure to buy the right kind of test strips for your pool.

Check for Moisture in the Pool's Filter

Any missing water will have to be replaced, but if you can determine which filters are missing water, it will help you pinpoint the area where the leak is coming from. Turn off and drain your filter, and then disconnect the piping and pull out the filter cartridge. If there is any moisture on it, you've got a leak.

Plumbing System Checkup

The pool's plumbing system needs to be checked weekly for leaks. All equipment will need to be turned off before beginning this inspection process. Open up all of the equipment and scrutinize each joint for signs of water damage. You'll need to check all faucets, valves, and hoses, as well as the pump itself.

If you use any of these methods during your normal pool cleaning process, it will be easy to catch a leak early on and save yourself time and money that would have otherwise been spent correcting a much larger pool leak. If the problem persists, please don't hesitate to get reputable and reliable services from professionals. They can help you with pool leak detection and tell you how you should proceed if you have a leak. 


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