Services That Nonstructural Swimming Pool Contractors Can Provide

Posted on: 2 March 2022

Your home's swimming pool will require regular work to be done to it to address the various problems and types of wear that it can experience. In particular, a nonstructural swimming pool service can assist you with many of the types of work that you will be the most likely to need.

Heater Installation

If you are wanting to make a major improvement to your swimming pool, the installation of a heating system can be an upgrade that you may want to make. One of these heaters can help to make your pool a significantly more comfortable temperature during the cooler days of early spring and late fall. Unfortunately, it is easy to overestimate the costs or complexity of adding heating capabilities to your pool. In reality, this can usually be completed by installing an attachment that warms the water as it enters or leaves the pump.

Liner Replacement

A pool liner can protect your feet against the rough concrete that may have been used to build them. While your pool liner will be designed to last for years, the wear that it suffers will eventually lead to it needing to be replaced. When this time comes for your pool's liner, the use of a nonstructural swimming pool service may be an option to have this work done while keeping the costs fairly low. The process of removing the previous liner and applying the new one will not require significant structural work to the pool. However, failing to replace a worn or damaged liner can increase the risks of structural damage occurring to the pool. This is due to the tendency of water or other debris to get trapped between the liner and the concrete where it may be able to gradually weaken and degrade the foundation or wall of the pool.

Handrail Repairs And Replacement

Handrails are an important safety feature of a modern swimming pool as they can reduce the risk of someone slipping when they are entering or exiting the pool. In most cases, the handrail will be among the more durable parts of the swimming pool, but it can still experience enough wear and damage over the years to lead to it needing to be replaced. While this is not a particularly expensive repair to make, it can require a swimming pool service provider to effectively complete. Otherwise, the handrail may not be securely anchored to the pool, which could make it more prone to failing or wobbling when someone is using it.


Making Pool Decisions Easier for You

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