What Are The Different Types Of Pool Maintenance That Have To Be Done On Your Swimming Pool?

Posted on: 18 July 2022

If you have a swimming pool, then you and your family members probably want to enjoy it all summer long. Of course, in order to do so — and in order to extend the lifespan of your pool — you should make sure that you handle basic maintenance on your pool. These are some of the different types of maintenance that need to be done, although this will depend on the type of pool that you have and other factors. Someone from a professional pool maintenance service can provide recommendations and information about what maintenance your pool needs and assist you with keeping up with this maintenance.

Adding and Testing Chemicals

Obviously, you will need to add chemicals to your swimming pool in order to keep the water clean, sanitary, and safe. You will need to make sure that the right chemicals are used and that they are added in the right concentrations. You will also need to check your chemical levels to make sure that no more chemicals need to be added since you might find you will need to add more chemicals at various points throughout the summer. It's also critical to add the right chemicals when opening your pool for the summer or closing your pool for the winter.


Skimming is a daily pool maintenance task that you and your family members will probably need to do in-between professional pool servicing. This is done with a handheld skimmer and is done to remove small debris from the pool. If you do it on a frequent basis, you can help be sure that your pool is kept nice and clean, and you can avoid having to spend a lot of time skimming away piled-up debris that wasn't removed in a timely manner.


The bottom and sides of your pool should be vacuumed regularly to get rid of grime. Of course, you shouldn't just use any vacuum cleaner to do this job; instead, you should make sure that you use a pool vacuum. A smaller pool vacuum is a good choice for smaller pools, but you can get the job done a lot more quickly in a bigger pool if you invest in a bigger vacuum. A professional can vacuum your pool with their professional-grade vacuum when providing you with maintenance and cleaning services, and you can use your own pool vacuum for in-between cleanings.


Naturally, you should have your swimming pool inspected on a regular basis to look for signs of damage. You might not be sure of what to look for, but a professional should be able to inspect your pool and let you know whether or not any repairs need to be done.


Making Pool Decisions Easier for You

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