Fun Design Additions For Your Residential Inground Swimming Pool

Posted on: 9 March 2023

Installing an inground swimming pool in your backyard is a fantastic way to beat the heat and create fun memories with your family and friends. However, if you want to make your pool stand out and add some extra excitement, there are many fun design additions you should consider.

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

Beach Entry: A beach entry is a gradual slope that leads into the pool, mimicking the experience of walking into the ocean. A beach entry adds a unique and luxurious touch to your inground swimming pool's design. Beach entries are perfect for families with small children or family members who prefer to lounge in shallow water over swimming in deep water.

Swim-Up Bar: Imagine lounging in the pool with a refreshing drink without leaving the water. A swim-up bar is a fun and convenient addition that can elevate your pool experience. You can have a bar built right into the pool, with stools and a countertop. It's perfect for hosting pool parties or just enjoying a relaxing day at home with family and friends.

A Grotto: If you want to create a sense of adventure and mystery in your backyard oasis, consider adding a grotto to your pool. A grotto is a cave-like structure that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. You can add lighting, a waterfall, plants, or even a slide through the middle to make it even more exciting. 

Waterfalls: Adding a waterfall to your pool can create a stunning visual effect and soothing sounds even when you aren't using the pool for swimming. Not only will a waterfall add beauty and tranquility to your pool, but it can also help keep the water aerated and reduce chemical usage. There are many different waterfall styles, including natural-looking rock formations or modern, sleek designs.

Slides: No inground pool is complete without a slide. There are many different types of slides to choose from, including classic straight, twisty, and even slides to go through a grotto. It's a fun and exhilarating addition both kids and adults will enjoy. Choose a longer slide for adults and maximum enjoyment.

In conclusion, as you can see, adding fun design features to your new inground swimming pool will take your backyard oasis to the next level. From waterfalls and swim-up bars to grottos and slides, there are many ways to create a unique and exciting experience for your family and friends. So, be creative and have fun designing the pool of your dreams. 

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