4 Pool Design Additions To Maximize Your Fun And Relaxation

Posted on: 25 April 2023

Residential pools are not just about swimming. For most pool owners, these spaces are a place to relax and spend time with friends and family. As such, you should design a swimming pool that speaks to these needs. If you are early in your pool construction design, learn about some features you should include in your project to enhance your space.


If your idea of a good time in the pool includes sitting fully submerged in the water for long periods, a bench is one addition to consider. A bench can be incorporated into any pool design to extend along the length or width side of the pool. These benches can also spread out from the pool steps for a more modern look. As a tip, if you want to use the bench as a relaxing space, construct it on the opposite side of the pool's entryway, as there will be less traffic in the area.

Built-In Umbrella Holder

Incorporating an umbrella holder into the space is a must-have for a pool design that includes a tanning ledge. Umbrella holders are custom carve-outs installed in the pool's form that accommodate the placement of the umbrella pole. As a result, you get the benefits of an umbrella without the need for a bulky base that will not only be in the way but can also potentially damage your pool's plaster finish. These holders rest flush with the floor to ensure safety and can be covered when not used. 

Play Zone

For pool owners who want to get active, install a play zone. With traditional pools, the pool goes from shallow to deep, starting at the pool's entry. With a play pool, both ends are shallow, and the pool gets deeper as you progress toward the middle. This design makes it easier to enjoy activities, such as volleyball. Remember that this design is great for being active, but if you have young children still learning water safety, this design might not be the best option. 

Dining or Bar Area

For people whose idea of a good time involves a cold drink on a hot day or a bite to eat, installing a dining or bar area in the pool is a great option. The pool construction design involves adding bar stool structures and tables to an area of the pool. The construction could also include a swim-up bar. This design consists of a bar along the edge of the pool adjacent to an outdoor kitchen.  

When it comes to a custom-designed pool, you have many options. Speak with a pool construction service about more design ideas to create a space you will love season after season. 


Making Pool Decisions Easier for You

My son started begging me for a pool when he turned five. I soon broke down and started exploring the best option for an inground pool that would fit in my yard. I contacted a contractor and the professional provided me with fiberglass, cement, and vinyl options to choose from. My size and shape options were endless and I also needed to figure out if I wanted salt sanitation or a chlorine system with a filter. I also found out that I needed to meet city guidelines in regard to placement, and my home insurance would probably go up due to the installation. A fence was required as well. My head was spinning after talking to the professional. I had a lot of decisions to make and you do too if you want a pool. Start with the information on my blog to make sure these decisions are easy ones.

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